Here are a few shots I took of the American Apparel Rummage Sale in Amsterdam. The location was incredible, shop was set up in part of the Westergasfabriek; a large modernised former gas works built in 1883. The contents of the sale, however, not so incredible. Everything was more expensive than at the London sale (even with the current exchange rate taken into consideration) and prices fluctuated from day to day, some being a euro or two cheaper the next day and some more than doubling in price for the last few days. Most items were damaged, some severely, and no extra discount was marked off, as was the case in London. After the first day for the general public, the Facebook event page for the sale was inundated with negative feedback about the pricing and the extent of the damage on the clothes for sale. All feedback had mysteriously vanished by the second day, and the ability to comment was removed.

Having said that, the organisation was excellent and everyone was visibly working hard to keep new stock constantly coming out and in the right place. The staff were really lovely and helpful, and freshly baked croissants were handed out to the morning queue before the doors opened. 

So I may have bought myself a little something. Or a few little somethings. Ok ok, three whole outfits, and I was very happy with everything I picked up. Nothing I bought was damaged and would have cost me a lot more had I gone to the store.

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Carolyn said...

wow this looks crazy! so much stuff!