We can all dream, can't we? Especially that coat. I want that coat.

1. Karen Walker Number Six sunglasses
2. American Apparel coin purse
3. American Apparel nail lacquer in The Valley
4. Nowhere Isis coat
5. Maison Martin Margiela shoes
6. Nowhere Draco shirt
7. Eddie Borgo cone necklace
8. H&M trousers



I swear I had a pencil case just like the Christopher Kane aqua gel-filled PVC clutch, circa 1995. His whole SS12 collection (see here) has now made it acceptable for us to relive our school days. A trip to Staples for an oversized transparent pencil case and floral stickers now seems overly necessary. Perfect for the nosy and the show offs (yes darling, I’m rocking a Chanel bronzer and a Blackberry), this current trend turns even your everyday items into fashion statements.

Image credits: 1. STREETFSN, 2. Tommy Ton for Style.com, 3. Style by Kling, 4. Stine Mo on Lookbook.nu



The printed book: dead in 5 years? 

Well, no is the answer. 
As a renowned book aficionado, I am often asked what I think on the future of the printed book. It doesn’t really look that great for the little guys; their former glory will be shadowed, as the future is certainly digital. All e-readers, from tablets to smart phones, have gained their popularity incredibly fast and continue to grow in the market. Let’s not look to the music industry for an example; books surely won’t suffer the same fate as, say, tapes or MiniDiscs. To say they will die is more than a little harsh. 
I am among many who find this difficult to accept, I love books and take great pleasure in surrounding myself with them as sort of trophies of an achievement in having read them and having read so many. There’s a comfort for me in holding a book, in owning it as a household object, and in having something tangible I can pass on to others. This does not mean I’m not excited for the future of reading, and how we choose to read in different situations. I do confess to having read the whole of Jane Eyre on my iPhone.



I loved my oversized black headband, but could never get it to work with any outfit I put it with. It always seemed too bland and never lent any embellishment, which was the desired effect, so it stayed pushed to the back and unworn. 

After seeing the Givenchy headband and the similar Topshop version on a few of my favourite style blogs, I found my old headband and some leftover spiked studs I bought on ebay for a previous project, and put two and two together - yes, literally.