I loved my oversized black headband, but could never get it to work with any outfit I put it with. It always seemed too bland and never lent any embellishment, which was the desired effect, so it stayed pushed to the back and unworn. 

After seeing the Givenchy headband and the similar Topshop version on a few of my favourite style blogs, I found my old headband and some leftover spiked studs I bought on ebay for a previous project, and put two and two together - yes, literally.

Using a white eyeliner as a marker on the fabric, I attached each individual spike with a small amount of superglue and pressed down for about ten seconds until the glue was dry.

Now here's one serious outfit embellishment.

Image credits: 1. Jak & Jil, 2. Hanneli, 3. Columbine, 4. Topshop, 5,6,7,8. Me.

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